LOGIFACES comes in several forms and sizes, there are packages to entertain design enthusiasts and avid gamers as well. The original 16-piece set can be supplemented with a 9-piece one, creating the ultimate puzzler experience with a 25-piece LOGIFACES.


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The Original Logifaces Set

The original 16-piece set in 3 different colors.

70 USD + 20 USD for worldwide shipping

The 16+9 Ultimate Puzzler Set

Level up and get the ultimate gamer challenge with a 9-piece complementary set in addition to the original 16-piece one.
100 USD + 20 USD for worldwide shipping

The Beginner Logifaces Set

A smaller 9-piece set for easier challenges that can also be used as a supplement for the 16-piece set.
45 USD + 20 USD for worldwide shipping

The Real Prism Experience

The most special LOGIFACES experience comes in the form of a handmade glass set from a Hungarian glass craftsman.
800 USD + 20 USD for worldwide shipping

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