Puzzle out your landscape!


Places grow when we fill them with experiences

Logiplaces is a 16  puzzle made of concrete, that enables you to take home a piece of memory you made at any place in the world. 
This one-of-a-kind tabletop sculpture will help you see the place in a whole new perspective.


What’s your favorite place on Earth?


Right now ours are:


The Alps




The Grand Canyon


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State-of-the-art 3D technology enables us to create our moulds to pour concrete.


Mixed with the careful work of our concrete manufactury, LOGIPLACES is a playable landscape on the verge of modern and traditional.


Experience a place and create a memory of it. 

Browse our products and pick your favorite place!

We 3D print a mould that fits the exact landscape. 

We create a special concrete recipe to fill the moulds.


The finishing touches of each piece are handcrafted.

Start puzzling out your landscape! 


We need your help, because we only want to work on stuff you really like!


When we came up with the idea of LOGIPLACES, we believed it had the potential to go global with loads of different places to cover. However, right now, we would first like to see, what are your favorite places that we can start manufacturing, and of course, we’re interested in what our first customer think. 

We’ve been through a successful crowdfunding campaign last year, and we extremely grateful to see how many people were excited to help us create our product. This time, we hope to move just as many, or even more people.