Logifaces - Analogue Game for Digital Minds


There is only one rule to the game

Create a form by placing the prisms next to each other to build a continuous surface.


LOGIFACES can be arranged in millions of variations. It allows your imagination to reign free to find endless patterns in its computer-generated forms, while complex geometries become comprehensible, in a real, non-virtual space under your hands.


LOGIFACES lets you train your mind, boost your creativity and challenge yourself and your friends. The 16-piece set contains 11 different types of prisms, each of them identifiable by the height of their three vertices. These heights can be 1, 2 or 3 units.


Bring color to your life!

The SUPERCOLOR sets are based on the Logifaces puzzle, with some new, bright colors added. Apart from the variety of the shapes, you can now enjoy the color variations offered by the game.


An opportunity to develop yourself with your friends


Thinking together with your friends is a whole new experience of the game. Not only do you have to find the place for each prism, you have to take into account how the others have moved the elements. And of course, the best new forms are born when friends have fun together!


Boost your creativity by creating new forms!

The original LOGIFACES set has several solutions to create an equilateral triangle. But there are many other possibilities to the game and we urge you to explore new forms beyond the basic triangle!


A toy for kids and adults of all ages

For kids who like a special logic challenge, LOGIFACES is a great way to fill their time and develop themselves. From what we've learnt through seeing them play, they are the best at creating new forms!


Hungarian Design Award 2013 Winner

“This sure as hell beats sudoku as a way to wake up your brain in the morning.”
— Cool Material
“A game that looks like a tabletop sculpture? Sure, why not?”
— betterlivingthroughdesign
“We want to get our hands on these little handcrafted concrete prisms. Which is to say, they look like they are really fun to touch and play around with. … they provide a uniquely pleasing tactile experience.”
— Altanimus
“Logifaces is a new geometric puzzle that stimulates the mind, while also acting some nice-looking home decor.”
— Design Milk