Boost your creativity with handcrafted
puzzles made of concrete!

We bring you one-of-a-kind handcrafted puzzles to challenge yourself.


Bring color to your life!

Introducing Logifaces SUPERCOLOR, based on the original mindcracker with some bright new colors mixed into our special concrete recipe. 


Let go of the noise of everyday life either at home or work, and unleash your imagination while training your mind with a unique puzzle made of concrete.


Meditative Tool

Tune out the noisy din of everyday life - finding the right solution focuses your attention and calms your thoughts.

Creativity Booster

See where the puzzles take you, when you challenge the rules and go by your instincts!


A Logical Challenge

Find the place for each prism in the LOGIFACES equilateral triangle, or be a part of the creation of a great place with LOGIPLACES.


Logifaces - Analogue Game for Digital Minds


Boost your creativity with this set of hand-poured concrete prisms! 
LOGIFACES can be arranged in millions of variations, allowing you to find endless patterns in its computer-generated forms.


The Logifaces Miracle Edition

This set of hand-poured concrete prisms can be arranged in millions of variations, allowing you to find endless patterns and display your candles in the most unique ways.



Puzzle out your landscape!


Can you think of a place you made your mark on with a special moment? Take home a piece of this memory with Logiplaces! 


Toys you'll be proud to exhibit in your home or office

We create our toys for the design enthusiasts, as well as those who love a brain teaser. When you own one of the Logideez toys, you don’t have to worry about packing up when you’re done playing.

“We would like to see beautiful, one of a kind architectural concepts in stores more often, especially in the world of games, where it’s rare to see a toy that also reflects on contemporary design.”  - Daniel Lakos, co inventor



Taking the puzzle experience to a new level


Concrete takes the puzzle experience to a new level with its different touch and mass. We pour, grind and polish each piece, utilising our award-winning, many years of experience in the production of design objects.




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